Teri Gyemi

Guiding You From Fear to Freedom

About Teri

IMG_1137_2I remember that sobering day when I thought, “Is this all there is to my life?”

I never would have believed than that this was the day my journey to an extraordinary life would begin.

I had over 15 years experience as a podiatrist, survived and thrived after a devastating divorce, and was successful in the medical sales industry, yet I still didn’t have the inner contentment I desired. I attended countless transformational seminars, was financially free and had a great new man in my life, but I was still living with a pain and fear over something I couldn’t quite define or describe.

To many, I would be considered a great success, but I saw my life as a big fraud. Overworked and overstressed I had unfulfilled goals and was constantly worried about not achieving them. I had an overwhelming sense of disappointment about where my life was heading.  I knew there had to be more to life but had no idea how to find it.

Having been through enough pain and knowing I was born to be happy and fulfilled, I found the courage to hire a coach. My experience of coaching taught me how to remove the roadblocks that kept me from a life I love!

Determined to give back this sacred work, I became a Transformational Life Coach.

Now, I am an internationally recognized expert in the field of Shadow Coaching and Divorce Coaching and am a sought-after trainer, coach and guide. I received my training and certification as a Transformational Life Coach from the Ford Institute in San Diego California and am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Autumne H, Social Worker - Ontario, Canada

"I learned so much from my sessions with Teri. The depth in which we examined my life and my attitude was astounding. I am no longer afraid of who I really am. I embrace my light and my dark selves knowing that it is only natural to have both, and that acceptance of our complete selves is what is ultimately important. Teri shone a light on what I already knew but couldn't see, because fear was blinding me. I have learned to just notice my thoughts and fears, watch them pass by, be non-judgmental about them, and move forward. I have completed goals I never even imagined setting. I feel deeply connected to myself, I feel rooted in the earth, and I feel the energy in the Universe. Coaching with Teri was a life changing experience for me, and I will be forever in deep gratitude for her wisdom, continual support, and compassion."

Autumne H, Social Worker - Ontario, Canada

I have a unique coaching style that has developed over the years as a result of the many mentors I have worked with as well as the experiences of my clients. My technique is based on the combined wisdom of my acclaimed teachers and mentors: Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, T Harv Eker, Dehyana Lim, Byron Katie, John Gray, Carl Jung, Vianna Stibal and Anthony Robins, to name a few. Their teachings have impacted my life tremendously and have inspired me to develop a teaching of my own. I created a coaching style to give you the best of the best!

It makes me smile when I recall what I used to think of as my negative life experiences – now I see they were all a part of the plan for me to develop my own coaching to guide others!

Through my teachings, processes and profound questioning, I can cut through years of baggage that previously held you back and bring about long-standing change. My clients say they are drawn to my enthusiasm for life and my deep understanding of the human condition.

If you are seeking to find more happiness, self-confidence or fulfillment in your life, my coaching style has a natural way of helping you achieve it.

Check out the many testimonials my clients have so graciously written.

If you are no longer willing to say, “someday I’ll have or do this,” and are willing to take back the reigns of your life now, then this coaching is for you.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, I can guide you to the best expression of yourself… the one you see in your dreams.

My passion and compassion awaits you!