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Transformational Coaching

Yin YangHave you spent your life expressing only those aspects of yourself that you think are “acceptable” to others?

Do you smile when you feel betrayed? Do you say yes when you really mean no? Does this leave you feeling exhausted, resentful and helpless?

For most of my life, I suppressed this aspect of myself – my Shadow side. I did my best to hide my anger, worry and frustration. I always sought the approval of others. I thought presenting my brave, generous, clever (and smiling) face was my ticket to acceptance for fear of not being wanted – or worse, being left all alone.

The Shadow exists within all of us and can take on many forms. It is a part of us, yet we spend most of our life running from it or unknowingly masking it. But little do we realize that our Shadows make themselves known to us everyday. It’s why we get upset over insignificant events, and direct our frustrations on people we love or people we come into contact with that have done nothing to deserve such treatment. Worst of all, we sabotage our own success – leaving us feeling frustrated!

After countless failed attempts at happiness and self-acceptance, I finally found Transformational Coaching. This form of self-discovery encouraged me to see the gift in what I thought was my dark or bad side. It was a relief to know I could befriend my Shadow Self. That part of me I felt was stupid, sad, frustrated or jealous. I came to know that it actually served a purpose. Immediately, I felt hopeful about finally feeling “normal.” Intuitively this made sense to me, because sometimes I am frustrated, sad, angry or feel stupid and I was tired of pretending not to be those things!

With Transformational Coaching, you will be guided to uncover those hidden parts of yourself that have been preventing you from having what you want – be it a great relationship, a fulfilling career, more self-esteem, optimum health or financial freedom.

Zena C, Life Coach - London, United Kingdom

"Teri, I just want to say that on your website you should have a big warning sign: that when coached by you, people will experience intense happiness. You will want to smile so much you'll want to hide - so people won't think you're crazy! I feel so overwhelmed with happiness that I can’t stop smiling, like I won. I feel this strong energy of self-confidence inside me. I now have a deeper understanding of the power of having a coach. But I don't have any coach, I have the best coach! Thank you so much Teri."

Zena C, Life Coach - London, United Kingdom

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Using proven processes and deep inquiry you will learn to embrace ALL of who you are. This journey into wholeness will deepen the connection and appreciation that you feel for yourself. All of your interactions with people will shift and new levels of acceptance will appear. This Coaching Model is designed to support you in your return to your true self and will create a new, conscious design for remodeling your life. Most importantly, with Transformational Coaching you will uncover your deepest desires and how to achieve them.

You will discover your instinctive wisdom and gain deep personal insight allowing you to stretch beyond your self-imposed limits. Ultimately you will learn to trust yourself so that you can live and fulfill your highest potential.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, I will guide you to be at your best consistently. Being at your best will become your natural state.

We’ll work together weekly over a four-month period and when completed you will:
  • Release old emotional wounds and self-defeating thoughts, which will open you to new levels of self- approval and self-love.
  • Deepen all of your relationships as you learn to appreciate your uniqueness and the authenticity of others.
  • Watch your life magically unfold as you gain more insight and clarity about who you really are and your hidden potential.
  • Gain self-confidence and inner power and have the courage to accomplish that thing you have always longed to do!
  • Experience increased balance in your life as you clear your mind and focus in on the critical areas of your life.
  • Be more alive as you release the heaviness of life and naturally feel more up-beat, self-confident, and happy!
  • Discover new levels of creativity, excitement and passion that will inspire you to live to the fullest in all aspects of your life be it relationships, career, health, wealth, or just plain old fun!
  • Create new and empowering habits that allow you to let go of self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Envision your future and how you really want it to be. Together we will develop the road map to get you there.

Scratched WallsYou will learn to have MORE success, MORE love, and MORE happiness in your life. It will come with an ease, grace and balance that you have never experienced before.

Everybody has a moment in his or her lifetime to create great change. Let your moment be now!