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Let Yoga Be Your Remedy!

I have always said,

‘Whenever you get stuck in a rut or feel like you’re ‘falling down the rabbit hole’ of life, there’s no better remedy than exercise!’

If you ever find yourself in a funk, shift your energy!

Studies have shown that simply standing up, stretching or doing few jumping jacks can dramatically change your state of mind.

Yoga is an excellent way to shift your perspective using low impact cardio.
Not to mention, it can help you to ‘presence’ yourself. Most anxieties are a result of being out of the moment. When you feel depressed, you may find yourself regretting the past or negatively anticipating the future, both of which you have no control.
Let yoga be your remedy!


yoga-1146280_1280Not only will you shift out of your negative energy by exercising, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the positive effects of being present for an hour. We are seeing a trend at Kula. More and more people are sourcing our yoga community as a way to navigate through heavy times.

For more reading, I highly suggest you check out THIS ARTICLE from Sharon Kirkey at the National Post: “For mild depression, try jogging, yoga, or any form of aerobic exercise before drugs, psychiatrists say.” 

To your health and well-being,



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