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Healing Yourself by Healing Your Relationship with The Spirit of Nature

women meditatingHave you become so preoccupied with:

– trying to make your business successful

– meeting the needs of your family, friends or spouse

– health challenges

Or with trying to change and heal your life that you’re forgetting the importance of laughter, joy, and temporary freedom from responsibility?


Today’s message is to help you prioritize time for your own healing and relaxation away from the commitments and responsibilities of your life. 

Each human being has a natural passion and desire for living a fulfilled life.  This desire is often smothered through the struggles and traumas of daily life and the apparent lack of time to accomplish goals and enjoy life fully.  The desire for fulfillment is a part of human nature.  It is often a good thing to turn your energy away from mere task-oriented accomplishments towards accepting the energy of desire as the urge to return and reconnect with nature.

You and nature will both benefit from time together, and healing will be facilitated in both of you.

When I refer to healing in this way, it is more than healing the body or the mind, although these are both important. The larger level of healing I speak of involves healing the relationship between your spirit and the spirit of the earth. 

Planet earth has a life purpose, as you do.  That purpose involves bringing all levels of life together in a harmonious and self-appreciating balance.  When humankind is unable to honor and acknowledge her own worth, she experiences the pain of imbalance, and her own spiritual desire is thwarted.  Equally, when we don’t acknowledge the value of Mother Earth, She becomes imbalanced.

Take time to relax in nature.  Find a place that is peaceful and fills you with love for yourself and for life.  When you are quiet you are able to feel more readily the earth’s own spirit, and through this subtle attention you encourage her to care for the creatures living on the earth.  When you show compassion to the spirit of earth, you not only enhance you own ability to relate to nature, you also increase her ability to relate to you and all of humanity.

In order to for you to truly appreciate your own desires, you need to understand you lie against the larger picture of the natural world.  To stay balanced and healthy, I would encourage you to participate in nature with your own basic nature fully alert and ready to participate.


Action Steps:

  • Devote a time each day to being with nature.  A few moments focused on a natural element or devoted to time in nature can offer you refreshment.  If you’re in the city with no real nature around you, buy yourself a flowering plant, take time to groom your pet or look outside at the blowing trees.
  •  The key is there are quiet times within each day when you pull your energy back inside and let it refresh your body.  Your spirit learns from nature, so when you seek refreshment and rejuvenation, seek out the flowers, plants, trees and animals that can take your mind off your daily activities and give your spirit a deeper appreciation for its own daily tasks.
  • If you find yourself particularly overwhelmed with life, try this: Go on a Conscious Nature Walk!  For the first half of your walk, turn your attention fully onto nature.  This sacred time is not used for spinning on your thoughts about your ‘To Do List’, particularly in the ‘I Should…’ department.  Be completely in the moment with your surroundings.  What you ‘should’ be doing is exactly what you are doing – just fully taking in nature.
  • Take your time.  Notice what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel.  Pick up a leaf and really look at it.  Notice the veining; the texture; the color.  Smell it.  Take in the organic scents around you.  Listen to all the subtle sounds of nature in the background.   Perhaps the leaves are blowing or birds are chirping?   Can you taste the freshness of nature in your mouth? Feel the leaf between your fingers. Simply notice the magnificence of Mother Nature.  If your scary thoughts should barge their way into your process simply shift your attention back to nature.
  • On your way back it is natures turn to notice you!  As you walk allow nature to notice you.  Flirt with her.  Let her see all of you.  Feel the vulnerability of this process.  Allow her to heal you.  Feel the oneness of all things.  Feel yourself being replenished by this Universal energy.  Take in some deep nurturing breathes to ground yourself in the essence of this process.

86134264_4d76d9cc8d - Today is a good day

The process of being with nature offers you the gift of being fully present.  You will notice that you are not consumed by the day-to-day pain of life.  You will not be lamenting in your fearful thoughts about the past nor trying to predict the future.  Being in the moment is the only place where God or Spirit resides.  When you are in the moment, you will hear the subtle nudging of Spirit gently guiding your next steps.

I guarantee you will feel a sense of relief, rejuvenation, peace, and balance after this simple process.  Nature is aching for you to notice her and she is dying to notice you. 

This week give yourself the gift to be with nature.  Free yourself from your stinking thinking even if it’s only temporarily.

To learn more sign up for a free consultation.  My coaching emphasizes the importance of viewing your life in a holistic way and living a balanced life.


Temporarily freeing yourself from the responsibilities of life is the responsible thing to do!

Namaste Friends,