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Divorce Coaching

Railroad TracksHow will I take care of myself? Where will I live? Will I be happy again?

Will I ever have a healthy relationship?

These were just some of the questions that kept me up at night, as I went through a nightmare…my divorce.

No matter how it happens, the ending of a significant relationship is both painful and traumatic and the effects can linger for years if you allow it. However miraculously, it can be the catalyst you need to create an extraordinary life!

It takes courage to seek help during one of life’s greatest transitions such as divorce or separation. Most clients tell me that they wish they had sought help sooner. They found that taking action relieved pain and suffering, while waiting seemed to extend it.

Relationship Coaching is a process for turning ruin into renewal. As your coach I will compassionately, yet firmly, guide you to recognize how the collapse of a relationship is essentially a spiritual wake-up call. It’s an opportunity to liberate yourself and reclaim your life.

You will discover how to use your experiences and not let them use you. You will be empowered with leading-edge tools and exercises that will give you a new perspective on yourself and your capabilities, in addition to valuable insights into your relationships.

Divorce Coaching is a magical adventure – it is proactive and inspirational. This transformational process will support you to discover that pain and change are the keys that open the door to a deeper understanding of your human experience.

"Before I met Teri, my life was in a state of confusion. I was in a new relationship and things were starting to come apart once again in my life.  With Teri's gentle guidance and direction, I was able to turn my life around and not make those same mistakes again. She was able to help me deal with my past and help me build a new foundation for my future. My outlook in life has changed so much. I feel that no matter what life throws at me, I will deal with it in a manner that I will be proud of. My friends tell me they notice a big change in me and I feel a big change in myself. I am confident and best of all… happy!  Now my friends want to know how they can be as happy as me. Thank you Teri, you are the best."    

Frank H, Entrepreneur - British Columbia, Canada

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You can only vent so much to your friends and family. As your coach, I’ll support you through the ups and downs of rebuilding your life whether you are going through divorce or recovering from it.

I’ll be there week after week guiding you to:
  • Transform your pain into power, claiming the wisdom and strength that exists within your heartache.
  • Move you beyond fear, resentment and regret towards the emotional freedom you need to fully accept yourself and others.
  • Rebuild your self-respect, self-confidence and self-love to give you the foundation for healthy new relationships (starting with the most important relationship in your life – your relationship with yourself).
  • Liberate you from the stories, excuses and limitations of the past, so you can live with freedom to create the life you really want.
  • Heal your heart so you can learn to love and trust again, inviting in more fulfilling and authentic relationships.
  • Build new and empowering habits that allow you to let go of self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Open up to new levels of forgiveness (for yourself and others) and not to bring old emotional baggage into new relationships.
  • Take back the reigns of your life and develop a renewed sense of control and empowerment.
  • Reduce the drama and conflict so you can make good informed decisions about yourself and your future.
  • Define what tasks need to be taken and keep you accountable so you can achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Create a compelling vision for your future and lay out a road map to get you there.

BeachI am passionate about this coaching model because I have personally experienced it and know that it works! Going through the process will benefit any of your relationships – past, present or future – and the one who benefits most is YOU!

If you’re carrying any unresolved pain from the breakdown of a relationship, isn’t it time you healed your heart?