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There is Power in Your Vulnerability – Resurrecting the Feminine

GoddessThis week’s theme presented itself loud and clear. It has shown up for me personally and with my beautiful clients of the feminine kind. The words, ‘There is Power in Your Vulnerability’ has been the topic of conversation.

Today I wanted to take the time to honor the work of my inspiring teacher, Dehyana Lim quoting her in this poetic exploration of the feminine.  She writes;  “Our beautiful earth is suffering due to the lack of women who are willing to take a stand. Taking a stand means that we must radically change our thinking. We have been taught that our power comes from ‘taking the bull by the horns’ or even by challenging the men. This has not worked and it will never work. Our power comes from within our hearts and it is a power that lies dormant in every woman. As we live and give love, everyone around us will benefit and naturally move into their own heart’”

I have noticed this theme mostly with my female clients but this does not mean that the men won’t appreciate this conversation. In fact, I believe most of them will breathe a big sigh of relief as they read on.

“We give direction to the males in our lives. By our love they grow and become gods. But if we make them less than, by scolding them like their mothers, by not acknowledging their worth, or by not giving them what they need to grow, they die. That is how powerful we are. If we want to live as liberated women, we must first liberate the men. Wisdom, compassion and love without conditions are the tools of a Goddess. These tools are inherent in every woman. It is time to trust and know your worth – to value yourself as an instrument of change. Stop controlling, manipulating and nagging. Allow the voice of that powerful, magnetic and loving Goddess within you to come forth. Allow the sweet sounds of love to pour from your heart. Words of inspiration, words that uplift and words that heal. Surrender and receive the divine feminine and take part in the evolution of humankind. Start creating a new you, a new relationship and new world.”

“The energies now are perfect for every woman to awaken to the power of the feminine. By making choices that stem from the heart, we become vessels of change for the entire world. All of us have the ability to heal this planet through our commitment to revealing the hidden powers of the Goddess. Let us all awaken and allow the feminine receptivity within each of us to come forth and guide our every step. She lives in our heart, she is ‘womb-like’ and easily holds the space of nurturing for all. Hers is a life of love in service to a higher purpose, healing of the whole.”

Action Step:

Here are list of questions you can ask yourself as you relate to the men in your life to empower them to be the gods that they are and to honor you as the goddess that you are:

  • Am I nagging?
  • Am I finding faults constantly with my husband/boyfriend, or men in general?
  • Am I inspiring him, making him feel valued and loved?
  • Am I praising him for all he is doing?
  • Am I thanking him for all he is giving?
  • Am I allowing him to self correct?
  • Am I trusting that he will find his way?
  • Am I invading his privacy by being snoopy?
  • Am I demanding?
  • Am I soft and receptive in his space?
  • Am I making our home sweet and welcoming?
  • Am I making him feel important and that he counts?
  • Am I allowing him to be himself?
  • Am I encouraging him?
  • Am I acknowledging his input without making him wrong or stupid?
  • Am I looking at him through eyes of love?
  • Am I trusting that God is in him too and will guide him?
  • Am I helping him to feel better about himself?

As you ask yourself these questions, you may realize certain patterns or habits in your relationships with men that aren’t serving you or bring you what you want. Continue asking yourself these questions in the coming week, especially as you’re speaking to the men in your life. The first step to changing these patterns is to recognize them. If you need more support in this process and are ready to make some shifts in your life, sign up for a free consultation.

I remind my clients that you can never have what you do not give. Do you want to be acknowledged and respected? If you answered yes, then you have to give both!  If you begin now to give these things, you can have these things too.

In addition Dehyana states, “men are really wonderful…they respond really well to love, just like you. Because they are here to serve, they will want to give you everything if they feel that they are loved unconditionally. That is why it is critical for us to ‘give birth’ to the Goddess energies and help create a world where we all come together in perfect harmony creating peace, love and joy.”

As I reflect on my conversations this week with some of my female clients I recall their initial resistance to this conversation. I am encouraging the woman I coach to know that There is Power in Your Vulnerability.  Being vulnerable does not mean you are weak or seen as a door mat, on the contrary.  It takes courage, not strength to make some of these choices to be more goddess-like.

I’m certain in my beloveds opinion he would say, there is more power in me being vulnerable than in me telling him (with one hand on my hip and the other pointing a finger), ‘That this is how it’s going to be’.  I assure you he would much rather me lie my head on his lap and say, ‘I’m sorry’ than me having the need to be right.

In a few months I will be spending two weeks in Egypt on a magical journey with the amazing woman who created some of the words I have written today. Through the years, Dehyana Lim has guided me around the InnerWorks of a Woman. I feel so blessed to have been taught this hidden worth by a true Goddess. To know more about Dehyana and her spiritual pilgrimages please visit her website at www.anchoringthelight.org.

I would love to hear your comments about this weeks blog as I’m sure it will provoke some thoughts and feelings.

To the beautiful women (and beautiful men) in my world, Namaste’…


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