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You want to manifest a new life?… Get Excited!

Excitement!I have noticed a common theme amongst myself and my clients…it’s called excitement (or lack thereof)!

When coaching clients I typically have them pick two areas of their lives where they would love to make the most change.  Some common desires are; they want a new relationship, better body, financial freedom or new career.

They know intellectually what they want and they can visualize it, articulate it but can’t feel it. I encourage them to go inside and really connect to the very thing they dream of having but still the feelings allude them, making it seem impossible to manifest. In fact, asking them to feel it provokes a sense of inadequacy, awkwardness and frustration.  This is about the time their conditioned mind or shadow self has kicked in.  This is the part of them that has reminded them their intire life what they can and can’t have or do.  You may have heard these same internal whispers: ‘you don’t have what it takes’, or ‘you don’t deserve to have it all’ and the of course the famous ‘you’re different than everyone else’.  These types of beliefs will keep you short of your dreams.

At one time I was plagued with these same  beliefs and thoughts.  It wasn’t until I was coached that I revealed the hidden internal dialogues that kept me from living my dreams.  Now I live on purpose creating a life I love!

I have a couple of the things I desire to manifest in my life. They are: to be recognized as an internationally acclaimed transformational speaker and to become a best selling author. I realized that in order for me to get to that next level I too required coaching. With that in mind, I arranged to have my own personal coaching with some of the best in the industry.  I attended a couple very exclusive coaching intensives facilitated by master coaches; T Harv Eker, Larry Gilman, Blaire Singer, Keith J Cunningham, Zoltan Hrotko and Dave (the Monk) McKay.

During the intensive I was a part of a small group where we were put through various processes.  These processes were developed to help us find our voice and the message we want to send out to the world.  Right from the start we were told that these programs were not for the faint of heart…and they weren’t kidding!  We were stretched way outside our comfort zones.

After completing the processes I would wait for my feedback from these master coaches.  The resounding message was, Teri you need to get excited and stay excited! Do you want this, they would ask?  Yes absolutely, I would reply.  Then you need to amp up your ENERGY! WOW, I always considered myself a high-energy person but when I was coached to be excited on stage, I felt completely out of my element. ‘Louder, more enthusiasm, more passion’, they would holler!

As a part of this coaching curriculum they had the participants play volleyball every morning at 7 AM. There were 6 teams competing with a hefty wager on the winning team. The master coaches told us leaders that the team with the most excitement is going to win so encourage your team to keep their energy up.  They were right on the money, in the end the team that manifested the win maintained the highest energy level all week.  Again…it’s about excitement!

During my time at this coaching intensive I uncovered that as a child I had anchored in an old limiting belief about myself. It sounded like this: ‘Teri, It’s not good to get too excited about anything and it’s not mature or cool to be excited’. Being a very spirited child, my family members would often tell me, ‘tone it down, be quiet, not so loud, and don’t get too excited’. As a result, somewhere in my psyche I told myself, “Teri you better SHUT ‘ER DOWN or others won’t accept you’.  It was in that moment, I figured out why I had resistance showing my excitement on stage to these master coaches!  I saw that this old shadow belief was outdated, untrue and still held me back today.

There was a client of mine who would get upset with me and would laugh cynically when I would encourage him to get excited about creating something new in his life.  Later I found out he was terribly abused as a child by his severe alcoholic parents.  Getting excited was just not something he would ever consider in fear of once again being let down or reprimanded for being too loud.  Even though he wanted to be excited about life, he found it a challenge.  Through coaching he reclaimed this very powerful side of himself.  Now he looks back with amazement at how shut down he really was.   He views this new quality of excitement as a way to create more than he ever dreamed of for his life.

If you want to create something new in your life, get excited about the possibility of having it! (Just like the little girl in the picture above!)

Excitement, as Tony Robbins states, “is the key to manifesting. Get excited and stay excited.”

If thoughts of worry, self-doubt or unworthiness should creep into your psyche that ‘s your queue to turn the other cheek and get excited. Envision you already having what you say you want and capture the feeling of excitement of actually living it!

Action steps:

  • Think about something you long to create in your life.  A new car, healthy fit body or maybe new partner.  Envision exactly how you would love it to look and feel, with no restrictions.  (By the way, it shouldn’t require an act of God to have it!)
  • Recall a time when you were really excited about something.  This may be a time when you were a youngster.  Now just sit and recall this feeling.  Let it settle into you, feel it.
  •  Envision your present day desire and transfer that same feeling of excitement onto this desire.  Feel it tingle throughout your body, you can even turn the corners of your mouth up and show those pearly whites if it feels right!
  • Write about it.  Write as though you have already manifested this dream.  It may read something like, ‘I am with my new partner and we can’t get enough of each other.  We are full of curiosity as we explore our relationship. We enjoy going to concerts together, dancing and hiking.  We encourage each other to be the best that we can be.  We laugh like two little kids playing in the park.’
  • Create your new mantra…’I am happily and joyfully…’ (finish the sentence)
  • Find a picture that best represents what you wish to manifest. If it’s not a picture of you, Photoshop your face into it!
  • Each day read your words, look at your picture, say your mantra and feel the excitement of your desired manifestation.  Act as if you already have it.  Your excitement is magnetic.  You will magnetically draw in the experience you are searching for!

Where have you turned off your excitement?  Let me help you uncover the hidden motivations that keep you from manifesting your dreams.  Sign up for your free consultation today.

Happy manifesting…Teri

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